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The Story

In a few words: A band of friends and colleagues. Each one with his own talents, but sharing the same passion. Music. All of them, talented musicians and demanding performers, aware of their “on stage” needs and sound engineering problems, having a vast experience in existing sound pickup solutions and completely – or even partially – unsatisfied by the already existing pickup technology. (…) So, the story began as a need. A need for a transparent, clean, amplified, “on stage” sound. A sound that would resemble accurately and be easily comparable to a microphone sound, but without the microphone’s inherent problems. A pickup system, capable to adjust in every particular “on stage” circumstance and need, bringing only the best in sound clarity and response. Someone pointed out the idea, someone inspired the realization of a dream to come true and of course there is the other one that is skilled enough to the art to handle such a challenge. The first attempt triggered the beginning of an obsession, followed by experiments, innovative concepts, consistent research, extensive laboratory tests, recordings, side by side “on stage” tests, until the final result:

The RMacoustics pickup systems and three worldwide patents.


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    Orchestral Strings

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    Guitar Pickup

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Our Concept

Transparent sound - Minimalistic design - Discreet installation

Our Process

From inspiration ... to the realization.


Original concept

All projects have been designed from the beginning, on a totally new basis. The operation principles, the electronic design and circuitry, the final minimalistic construction and appearance, the simple installation method, the artistic profile. All new, innovative, inventive and totally focused on clean, transparent sound. Each instrument's distinguished, uncoloured sound.



Handmade to the last detail, using only the finest materials on the market. A unique way, to control thoroughly every constructional step and achieve an unsurpassed detail and build quality, among with superb audio transparency and clarity. All projects, have been inspired, designed and built with a deep respect to the precious, handmade musical instruments and their unique sound.


Extensive testing

Extensively tested by demanding musicians and every day performers in all kind of ambients: studios, theaters, concert halls, recording sessions, personal monitors, gigs, etc, all projects ensure a warm, deep, clean, ``flat``, transparent sound, with no colouration, distortion or any other sound alteration. Just the instrument's acoustic sound, ...of course amplified to the last acoustic detail.


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